Look Back At It: Tips for Safe Driving

Look Back At It: Tips for Safe Driving

Look Back At It: Tips for Safe Driving
  • 1 March, 2016

One of the simplest ways for drivers to keep themselves and others safe on the road is by regularly checking their mirrors. This might come as a surprise to some drivers, but the frequency that drivers should be checking their mirrors every five to eight seconds. While this might seem excessive, this has been proven to be the necessary amount of time in order to ensure that drivers stay fully aware of what’s going on behind and beside them.

You might be finding yourself wondering just why it is so important to make such frequent mirror checks. Studies have proven that when a driver looks in his or her mirror, what was seen is almost immediately forgotten. Think about it – how well do you really take in what you see approaching you when behind the wheel? Because mirror checking has a tendency to become mindless, experts recommend that drivers make efforts to improve short-term memory by actively trying to recognize and consider what they see in the mirrors.

Another mistake that drivers regularly make involves the positioning of your truck’s mirrors. It is recommended that side mirrors should be angled downward so that you can see all the way down the sides of the truck. This can help especially when shifting from the parked position to drive. Mirrors should also be adjusted so they are at eye level. By doing this, it makes it easier, as a driver, to recognize when a vehicle or another truck is approaching too quickly.

Remember, sometimes what’s behind you is just as, if not more, important than what is in front of you. These tips, while they may seem elementary, can help prevent accidents as well as improve your skills as a driver. Be sure to keep them in mind next time you’re on the road!

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To read more about the important of checking your mirrors, visit the following web page: https://safedriving.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/how-often-should-you-check-your-mirror/.

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